Sam's Coffee & Dish

Saturday Coffee & Dish

Saturday Coffee & Dish

As a way to help you get to know me I’m starting a Saturday Coffee & Dish series. Look for these posts on the first Saturday of the month. I’m going to share my favorite recipe from the month and maybe even give you a peek at new recipes I’m working on! I’ll also share some of my favorite parts of my kitchen or new things I’ve found. Grab a latte and checkout the dish I have this month!

January was a crazy busy month ! After a very mild December, January was cold around here and then we were hit with Winter Storm Jonas – lots and lots of snow, hot chocolate and time in the kitchen got us through it! I can’t talk about the crazy snow without bragging on my hubby for shoveling it all and clearing off our walk and cars. He’s the best!

I picked up one of these milk frothers and it’s making my morning coffee magical.

Speaking of coffee, a monogrammed mug would be perfect for your coffee or hot chocolate. The hubby bought me this one and I love it!

Looking for a new salty snack to help you keep your 2016 resolutions? This popcorn is one of my current obsessions!

I don’t know why, but I always drink more water when I have a straw. I bought one of these tumblers a couple months ago and I use it all the time! I love that it’s insulated so it keeps my water cold.

I posted several of my favorite recipes in January, but these cookies have been a favorite of mine for years!

February is going to be a busy month for us, Valentine’s Day and the Hubby’s birthday. Both are reasons for yummy treats in our house. Stay tuned for some amazing deliciousness coming soon!


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